Fitness: My weekly workouts…

My motivation was there this week but physically I was exhausted and still feeling weak and poorly. 

I managed to get to the gym twice this week but neither time was an amazing workout. A little bit of cardio (bike – no running) and a few weights and I was exhausted. 

Feeling irritated with myself but I know my body just needed some time to rest. I managed to stay fairly active and watched what I was eating so hopefully I won’t have done too much damage. 

I’m hoping for a better week this week! Watch this space. 

Health: Small changes = Big Impact.

Consistency is a key component in health and fitness. Potentially the main component. I thought I’d share some achievable small changes that I have made to my lifestyle which have had a big impact. 

  1. Take the stairs. I hate lifts anyway so this was always a part of my life. If you have to climb a few flights to get to your office, do it. 
  2. Switch to water for the majority of your drinks. I drink water throughout the day now and i’ve found it helps loads with bloating.
  3. Keep a diary. Write down what you’re eating/doing. Seeing it written down is helpful to keep track of your calorie intake and will help you to realise what you’re consuming daily. 
  4. Walk. Get out and take the dog for an extra long walk, walk to the shops. Take the kids out on their scooters or walk to work. 
  5.  Eat breakfast. Don’t skip it. You need it to kickstart your metabolism. Make a healthy choice and eat breakfast every day. 

What are your top tips?

Life: Don’t tell me to “cheer up”…

Has anybody ever actually cheered up by being told to “cheer up”?
Let me just preface this post by saying i’m not constantly miserable or moody. Most days I’m happy or at least averagely content and yet most days – it happened 3 times today – I’m told to “cheer up”, “smile” or words to that effect. 

My job is stressful, there are days when I’m seriously over worked and under paid (I’m sure you can all relate) and plastering a smile on my face for 7 hours straight is an impossible task. However, this does not mean I need to be repeatedly told to “smile”. That will not make me smile. Im aware my of my resting bitch face. 95% of the time I am happy, my natural face just doesn’t allow me to show this on the outside.

If I appear to be upset/annoyed/stressed and you ask me “what’s up” I will tell you. I won’t say “nothing” or tell you “I’m fine” if I’m not. If you’re not actually interested in helping me then just don’t ask me. Please don’t listen to all my worries and then say “cheer up”. It’s not like those two words will make all my worries disappear. “Oh great thanks, I hadn’t thought about just cheering up, you’ve solved all my issues!”

This post may come across as harsh. I appreciate that some people find it tricky to respond to negativity, that they think saying something is better than saying nothing. That they don’t know what to say to you or they just can’t help. When people talk to me and tell me any issues I always try and help them one way or another. Or at least ask them if there is anything I can do to help. Most of the time there isn’t actually anything I can personally do and listening is enough. 

I just want to be listened to sometimes, not told to “cheer up”.

Surely I can’t be the only one?

Fitness: My weekly workouts…

This week saw the return of my motivation and determination! Wahoo. 

Monday – I ran my quickest 5k to date (25:41) on the treadmill and followed it with a 5k rolling hill programme on the bike. 

Tuesday – Another 5k at the gym tonight (26:48) and a 6k steady ride on the bike. 

Wednesday – Rest day. Evening out with family and friends. 

Thursday – Sore legs today! Interval sprints on the treadmill (1 minute sprint, 1 minute walk) for 20 minutes. 15 minutes interval training on the bike. Leg weight circuit – leg press, leg extensions, abductor machine, adductor machine. 

Friday – Rest day. 

Saturday/Sunday – Not sure if I was suffering with a cold or hayfever but I felt so rubbish this weekend. Didn’t get out for a run but I needed to rest and recover ready to get back in the gym this week! 

How has your week been? 

Fitness: My weekly workouts…

To say this week hasn’t been my most productive would be an understatement! 
Prior to this week I had two weeks off for Easter break and decided to be a little more relaxed with what I ate – our house was full of chocolate. I kept up with my workouts and running over the Easter holiday so was feeling fine about the fact I’d indulged a little. 

This week saw my return to work and the return of my usual routine which I usually crave so much when I’m off. My motivation had disappeared and I struggled. 

Monday was a bank holiday. I spent it with family and didn’t work out.

Tuesday was my first day back at work. I had an evening of food and a visit to the cinema. It was preplanned so I already knew I wouldn’t be working out on this day. 

Wednesday was my best day this week. Felt good and headed to the gym after work. Ran my quickest 5k on a treadmill (26.06) and then did 7k on the bike. No weights as I was trying to shift the Easter bloat!

Thursday after work I headed to my friends to see her and her little boys. While I was there my mum sent me a text suggesting a trip to a local shop and a McDonald’s for tea. I obviously agreed. No gym again. 

I never go to the gym on a Friday as I drive to Norfolk after work to spend my weekend here. I occasionally run when I arrive but I am usually too tired. 

Saturday/Sunday involved lots of DIY in the garden and chilling out. I got out today for a quick 3k which is better than nothing. 

So all in all not a great week. I’m not feeling bad about it. I’m going to ensure I get to the gym this week and smash it.

I’m hoping that sharing my weekly workouts with you will give me some motivation to better myself each week. I want to be accountable for my choices and by writing them here I feel like I’m taking responsibility for them. 

How was your week? Still struggling with motivation like me or are you right back on it after the Easter break? 

Leave me a comment, I’d love to know how you’re doing!

Health/Fitness: Balance is key!

As I sit here munching on my third Easter egg of the week I decided to write about why balance is important! 

You need time to rest. Overdoing it at the gym is a bad idea! You might injure yourself and you won’t be performing to the best of your ability if your muscles are tired!

Sleep is vital. Getting a good nights sleep is vital to fitness and to health! 8 hours is what we are recommended to have and sometimes skipping or shortening a gym session to accommodate this isn’t a bad idea as it allows your body to rebuild and keeps your immune system working!

You’ll start to resent yourself. Restricting your diet constantly is boring and detrimental to your wellbeing. Moderation is key! Have a takeaway occasionally, eat that chocolate. Just don’t do it all day every day!

Rest days are beneficial! Your body needs days off to rebuild the muscle fibres which are broken down during exercise! This will help to build your muscle and endurance and is vital to allow your muscles time to rebuild.

What do you do on your rest days? Do you even have rest days? How do you balance your diet and exercise routines? 

I’d love you hear from you!

Fitness: Are we being misled by social media?

Since becoming interested in health and fitness I have been paying much more attention to the feeds I see on my social media which relate to these topics. I am becoming increasingly worried about the images and the lifestyle choices I see each and every day which are influencing people in their quest for Fitness.

Social media is full of images which are put there to influence us. There are so many images which “promote” a healthy lifestyle choice and in reality are encouraging us to make misinformed choices. 

Do it for you. For your personal goals. To  improve your wellbeing. Don’t do it for the selfies, for the likes or the positive comments. These are a lovely byproduct of posting images but they cannot be your only reason for working out. Your Instagram likes will only take you so far, your mindset will need to do the rest. 

Don’t believe everything you see. This is true in all walks of life and on every social media platform. Most of the time you’ll only see the ‘perfect’ images that people choose to portray of themselves. You won’t normally see the 25 reject shots they took before which weren’t ‘perfect’ enough. 

Do your research. Do it Properly. Please do not search ‘fitness’ on instagram and think everything you see or read is true. Ensure you are getting your knowledge from reputable sources. Companies want to make money from you, salespeople are always nice. You do not need 23 supplements. You do not need Adidas or Nike trainers. You do not even need a gym membership. 

All opinions posted are my own. 

Do you use social media to help you with your fitness journey? 

Do you find yourself becoming disheartened when you see picture perfect bodies covering your screen? 

I’d love to know your opinions!