Fitness: How I Stay Motivated 

Lets be honest, staying motivated ALL the time is difficult. There will always be days which are better than others, days when we feel like we could conquer the world and other days when we deserve a high five for getting out of bed. We are all only human and it’s important not to feel disappointed if you aren’t always feeling 100% motivated for your workout. 

Have an achievable short term goal. Every time I head out to the gym I have a short term achieveable goal in my head. Sometimes it is just to get up and go. Other times it is to run 3k on the treadmill or do 20 minutes of weights. Make it fairly easy and tailor your goal to your abilities. It will make you feel happier knowing you’ve done what you set out to do that day/week. 

Take your headphones. Music always helps me to stay motivated at the gym. Listening to songs I haven’t heard in a while or songs that I love is a great way to zone out and really focus on my workout for the day. 

Don’t force it. If you’re really not feeling it – don’t go. The worst thing to do is to push yourself if you’re really not up for it. You don’t want to begin to resent exercise. Give yourself a day off when you need too and get back to it tomorrow. 

Remember why you started. As cliché as it sounds this is so important! Everyone exercises for their own individual reasons and it’s important to always keep yours in mind. 

What are your top tips for staying motivated? I’d love to hear from you. 


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