Fitness: Are we being misled by social media?

Since becoming interested in health and fitness I have been paying much more attention to the feeds I see on my social media which relate to these topics. I am becoming increasingly worried about the images and the lifestyle choices I see each and every day which are influencing people in their quest for Fitness.

Social media is full of images which are put there to influence us. There are so many images which “promote” a healthy lifestyle choice and in reality are encouraging us to make misinformed choices. 

Do it for you. For your personal goals. To  improve your wellbeing. Don’t do it for the selfies, for the likes or the positive comments. These are a lovely byproduct of posting images but they cannot be your only reason for working out. Your Instagram likes will only take you so far, your mindset will need to do the rest. 

Don’t believe everything you see. This is true in all walks of life and on every social media platform. Most of the time you’ll only see the ‘perfect’ images that people choose to portray of themselves. You won’t normally see the 25 reject shots they took before which weren’t ‘perfect’ enough. 

Do your research. Do it Properly. Please do not search ‘fitness’ on instagram and think everything you see or read is true. Ensure you are getting your knowledge from reputable sources. Companies want to make money from you, salespeople are always nice. You do not need 23 supplements. You do not need Adidas or Nike trainers. You do not even need a gym membership. 

All opinions posted are my own. 

Do you use social media to help you with your fitness journey? 

Do you find yourself becoming disheartened when you see picture perfect bodies covering your screen? 

I’d love to know your opinions!


4 thoughts on “Fitness: Are we being misled by social media?

  1. When I was drafting my post I wrote about a lot of these things but didn’t include them because I couldn’t articulate what I wanted to say, but you’ve done so beautifully here. What appears to be healthy can actually NOT be so (Flat Tummy Tea- an expensive laxative!). Well said!

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  2. This is such an important post! It’s great that you’ve wrote about something like this because I feel like people are so easily taken in by it all. Especially the “do it for the after selfie” thing, that really bugs me. People literally only care about likes now! Love this post and your blog x

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