Health/Fitness: Balance is key!

As I sit here munching on my third Easter egg of the week I decided to write about why balance is important! 

You need time to rest. Overdoing it at the gym is a bad idea! You might injure yourself and you won’t be performing to the best of your ability if your muscles are tired!

Sleep is vital. Getting a good nights sleep is vital to fitness and to health! 8 hours is what we are recommended to have and sometimes skipping or shortening a gym session to accommodate this isn’t a bad idea as it allows your body to rebuild and keeps your immune system working!

You’ll start to resent yourself. Restricting your diet constantly is boring and detrimental to your wellbeing. Moderation is key! Have a takeaway occasionally, eat that chocolate. Just don’t do it all day every day!

Rest days are beneficial! Your body needs days off to rebuild the muscle fibres which are broken down during exercise! This will help to build your muscle and endurance and is vital to allow your muscles time to rebuild.

What do you do on your rest days? Do you even have rest days? How do you balance your diet and exercise routines? 

I’d love you hear from you!


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