Fitness: My weekly workouts…

To say this week hasn’t been my most productive would be an understatement! 
Prior to this week I had two weeks off for Easter break and decided to be a little more relaxed with what I ate – our house was full of chocolate. I kept up with my workouts and running over the Easter holiday so was feeling fine about the fact I’d indulged a little. 

This week saw my return to work and the return of my usual routine which I usually crave so much when I’m off. My motivation had disappeared and I struggled. 

Monday was a bank holiday. I spent it with family and didn’t work out.

Tuesday was my first day back at work. I had an evening of food and a visit to the cinema. It was preplanned so I already knew I wouldn’t be working out on this day. 

Wednesday was my best day this week. Felt good and headed to the gym after work. Ran my quickest 5k on a treadmill (26.06) and then did 7k on the bike. No weights as I was trying to shift the Easter bloat!

Thursday after work I headed to my friends to see her and her little boys. While I was there my mum sent me a text suggesting a trip to a local shop and a McDonald’s for tea. I obviously agreed. No gym again. 

I never go to the gym on a Friday as I drive to Norfolk after work to spend my weekend here. I occasionally run when I arrive but I am usually too tired. 

Saturday/Sunday involved lots of DIY in the garden and chilling out. I got out today for a quick 3k which is better than nothing. 

So all in all not a great week. I’m not feeling bad about it. I’m going to ensure I get to the gym this week and smash it.

I’m hoping that sharing my weekly workouts with you will give me some motivation to better myself each week. I want to be accountable for my choices and by writing them here I feel like I’m taking responsibility for them. 

How was your week? Still struggling with motivation like me or are you right back on it after the Easter break? 

Leave me a comment, I’d love to know how you’re doing!


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