Fitness: My weekly workouts…

This week saw the return of my motivation and determination! Wahoo. 

Monday – I ran my quickest 5k to date (25:41) on the treadmill and followed it with a 5k rolling hill programme on the bike. 

Tuesday – Another 5k at the gym tonight (26:48) and a 6k steady ride on the bike. 

Wednesday – Rest day. Evening out with family and friends. 

Thursday – Sore legs today! Interval sprints on the treadmill (1 minute sprint, 1 minute walk) for 20 minutes. 15 minutes interval training on the bike. Leg weight circuit – leg press, leg extensions, abductor machine, adductor machine. 

Friday – Rest day. 

Saturday/Sunday – Not sure if I was suffering with a cold or hayfever but I felt so rubbish this weekend. Didn’t get out for a run but I needed to rest and recover ready to get back in the gym this week! 

How has your week been? 


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