Life: Don’t tell me to “cheer up”…

Has anybody ever actually cheered up by being told to “cheer up”?
Let me just preface this post by saying i’m not constantly miserable or moody. Most days I’m happy or at least averagely content and yet most days – it happened 3 times today – I’m told to “cheer up”, “smile” or words to that effect. 

My job is stressful, there are days when I’m seriously over worked and under paid (I’m sure you can all relate) and plastering a smile on my face for 7 hours straight is an impossible task. However, this does not mean I need to be repeatedly told to “smile”. That will not make me smile. Im aware my of my resting bitch face. 95% of the time I am happy, my natural face just doesn’t allow me to show this on the outside.

If I appear to be upset/annoyed/stressed and you ask me “what’s up” I will tell you. I won’t say “nothing” or tell you “I’m fine” if I’m not. If you’re not actually interested in helping me then just don’t ask me. Please don’t listen to all my worries and then say “cheer up”. It’s not like those two words will make all my worries disappear. “Oh great thanks, I hadn’t thought about just cheering up, you’ve solved all my issues!”

This post may come across as harsh. I appreciate that some people find it tricky to respond to negativity, that they think saying something is better than saying nothing. That they don’t know what to say to you or they just can’t help. When people talk to me and tell me any issues I always try and help them one way or another. Or at least ask them if there is anything I can do to help. Most of the time there isn’t actually anything I can personally do and listening is enough. 

I just want to be listened to sometimes, not told to “cheer up”.

Surely I can’t be the only one?


7 thoughts on “Life: Don’t tell me to “cheer up”…

  1. This is so true, I work in a Cafe and when I have a bad day it’s impossible to avoid people. I once had a customer say ‘oh cheer up, give me a wave’ so I did and he did actually make me laugh, then he said ‘and now give us a smile’ and I lost it haha! I’m not a performing monkey especially when I’m in a bad mood. What you said is right though, we just have to remember that they don’t really mean it and they probably think they’re being kind. Hope you feel better soon. X

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