Health: Small changes = Big Impact.

Consistency is a key component in health and fitness. Potentially the main component. I thought I’d share some achievable small changes that I have made to my lifestyle which have had a big impact. 

  1. Take the stairs. I hate lifts anyway so this was always a part of my life. If you have to climb a few flights to get to your office, do it. 
  2. Switch to water for the majority of your drinks. I drink water throughout the day now and i’ve found it helps loads with bloating.
  3. Keep a diary. Write down what you’re eating/doing. Seeing it written down is helpful to keep track of your calorie intake and will help you to realise what you’re consuming daily. 
  4. Walk. Get out and take the dog for an extra long walk, walk to the shops. Take the kids out on their scooters or walk to work. 
  5.  Eat breakfast. Don’t skip it. You need it to kickstart your metabolism. Make a healthy choice and eat breakfast every day. 

What are your top tips?


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