Fitness: How I Stay Motivated 

Lets be honest, staying motivated ALL the time is difficult. There will always be days which are better than others, days when we feel like we could conquer the world and other days when we deserve a high five for getting out of bed. We are all only human and it’s important not to feel disappointed if you aren’t always feeling 100% motivated for your workout. 

Have an achievable short term goal. Every time I head out to the gym I have a short term achieveable goal in my head. Sometimes it is just to get up and go. Other times it is to run 3k on the treadmill or do 20 minutes of weights. Make it fairly easy and tailor your goal to your abilities. It will make you feel happier knowing you’ve done what you set out to do that day/week. 

Take your headphones. Music always helps me to stay motivated at the gym. Listening to songs I haven’t heard in a while or songs that I love is a great way to zone out and really focus on my workout for the day. 

Don’t force it. If you’re really not feeling it – don’t go. The worst thing to do is to push yourself if you’re really not up for it. You don’t want to begin to resent exercise. Give yourself a day off when you need too and get back to it tomorrow. 

Remember why you started. As cliché as it sounds this is so important! Everyone exercises for their own individual reasons and it’s important to always keep yours in mind. 

What are your top tips for staying motivated? I’d love to hear from you. 

Fitness: My first Parkrun experience

Parkrun‘ has become a massive event recently in the U.K and is growing week on week. My hometown of Lowestoft has an event which runs every Saturday morning. I attended for the first time this week. I ran it in a time of 29.09.

What is it?
Parkrun is a planned and timed 5km route which you can walk/jog/run at your own pace. It is run completely by volunteers who start the run, line the route and record your time. 

Why should I bother?

Running with a group of people is always encouraging and it will help you to pace and push yourself during the run. A planned route is helpful and you are timed by the volunteers so you won’t have to time yourself – unless you want to. The route in Lowestoft is along the seafront and it is a beautiful place to run. This week there were 240 runners in my local run.

Am I good enough?

The Parkrun is suitable for all ages and abilities. I saw some people walking, some running and some doing a mixture of both. There were children and teenagers and even people pushing babies in prams. The first placed runner ran it in a time of 16.30 and the 240th runner completed it in a time of 45.32 so it really doesn’t matter how fast you can run, it only matters that you gave it your best shot. Everyone is super supportive and people watching the run clap you as you run past which is lovely!

The good…

  • Planned and marked 5km route
  • Timed by the volunteers 
  • Suitable for all ages/abilities 
  • Meeting new people 
  • Support from the other runners/volunteers/spectators 

The bad…

  • 9am start (morning running isn’t my usual choice)

Visit to find your local Parkrun and sign up! 

Beauty: Bare Minerals – Complexion Rescue Review

When I was about 16 my mum bought me a Bare Minerals ‘get started’ kit as a present. Since that day I have never used any other foundations on my skin. 
As I have gotten older my hormones have levelled out and my skin has improved meaning I no longer need a heavy/medium coverage foundation every day. 

Complexion Rescue is the perfect substitute for my previously loved foundation. It appears like a tinted moisturiser but in my opinion provides a slightly higher coverage and is more of a gel based formula. The formulation is perfect for my combination skin. It is moisturising enough for my dry patches but doesn’t make my sometimes oily skin overly shiny either. Perfect! I use shade ‘Vanilla’. Complexion Rescue retails at £27.00. 


  • Natural coverage
  • Gel/cream formula which hydrates 
  • SPF 30
  • Applies easily with a brush or with fingers (whatever suits!)


  • No porcelain or very dark colour options 
  • Cost ££

Why not pop to your local Bare Minerals counter and ask for a sample? They are always lovely and happy to help! 

You can find Complexion Rescue here!

Fitness: My story…

I am by no means an expert on the subject of ‘fitness’ but I have a huge interest in it and I like to keep myself fairly fit and healthy. After leaving school nearly 10 years ago I became more interested in nights out and takeaways than looking after my body and this continued until I was about 22 years old. I was fairly lucky that I never gained a huge amount of weight so externally I appeared healthy but I dread to think of the strain I placed on my body internally over those years!

I have always enjoyed sports. I’m very competitive and I think that this has played a huge part in my love for sport. I played on many teams during my school years – football, netball, hockey – and also enjoyed individual sports such as athletics. I have recently (almost a year ago) begun running and I also joined a gym as my 2017 resolution. It’s now April and I’m still keeping it up! 

The gym allows me to focus on exercises I enjoy and I’m really enjoying seeing the results of my hard work. I’m a big believer in that you don’t need a gym membership to keep fit – YouTube is your best friend for home workouts – but it definitely helps me to motivate myself. I began running outside last summer and loved it! I’m lucky enough to live near the seaside and some lovely countryside so running here is beautiful. I still regularly run outside even though I have a gym membership. I may do another post on my ‘training’ routine and little tips I’ve picked up on my fitness journey soon.

Do you prefer an outside workout to a indoor gym? Let me know! 

A little snap from my morning run last weekend-

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